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We are an innovative investment adviser launched to improve the capital efficiency of the bioscience industry and, where possible, breathe new life into existing development programmes. With a team of leading industry experts, we believe we are ideally placed to unlock trapped cash on balance sheets, support emerging science and technology and assist in the transformation of the global biosciences industry.

Our team

Our senior team has a diverse skill set, decades of relevant experience and consistent proven success in the bioscience and investment industry.

Annalisa Jenkins

Annalisa has over 25 years of biopharma experience. She was the former global head of research and development at MerckSerono and serves on a number of public and private boards in the life sciences industry. Annalisa is an adviser to Stichill Capital.

Nicholas Johnston

Nick has over 25 years’ healthcare experience, covering both advisory and operational roles. Nick works with different companies and technologies which focus on identifying and developing processes to assist in improving the probability of success of drug development.

Ian Stanlake

Ian is a qualified chartered accountant with over 20 years’ experience in UK listed and private equity backed businesses. Ian was most recently Head of Finance and Investor Relations at UK listed asset manager Intermediate Capital Group plc.

Martin Frenette

Martin has over 20 years’ experience in asset management and equity capital markets with Hedge Fund of Funds and US investment banks. Martin spent the last 6 years building operational experience with growing Medtech and digital health businesses where he managed big data projects and workflows. 

Our approach

We aim to source cash-rich bioscience companies whose market values are either lower than, or close to, their existing cash balances, and where the science is, as yet, unproven.

We will support the purchasing of these ‘fallen angels’, at or near to their current market value for equity in the acquiring entity, and the return of a significant portion of their cash back to existing shareholders of the Company and acquiring entity.

Once acquired, and with the help of the new technologies, we will undertake an assessment of the drug development programme and if there is a path to allow the science to work in a different context. Where this pathway exists, we aim to provide additional support and advice, giving management the opportunity to continue to develop its technology. Once or if revived, we will seek to sell the technology to independent third parties to complete the remaining clinical trials, development and marketing processes. A significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of these technologies will be returned to shareholders and stakeholders in the companies we have acquired.

About Us

Stichill Capital Limited is an investment adviser incorporated in England and Wales. The services offered on this website are intended for professional investors only.